Gynecologic Care in The Woodlands, TX

Dr. Gregory Eads is devoted to providing the highest quality of gynecology care in The Woodlands, TX. Our office is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to our patients. Learn about the care we provide and schedule your appointment with The Women’s Centre for Well Being today by calling (832) 813-0979.  

Gynecologic Procedures and Conditions We Treat

da Vinci Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • Laparoscopic Surgery
    • In this procedure, the doctor puts a lighted tube through incisions in your belly. This tube is called a scope. The surgery may be done to diagnose a condition, repair or remove an organ, or see if cancer has spread.
  • Hysteroscopic Surgery
    • A hysteroscopy is a procedure to find and treat problems with your uterus. It may be done to remove growths from the uterus, such as fibroids or polyps.
  • da Vinci® Hysterectomy
    • Dr. Gregory Eads specializes in minimally invasive hysterectomies to treat a variety of symptoms. A minimally invasive hysterectomy has many benefits compared to open or traditional laparoscopic hysterectomies.
  • da Vinci® Myomectomy
    • If you experience symptoms like heavy bleeding or painful cramps from your period, you may have uterine fibroids. Fibroids are benign tumors that occur throughout your uterus lining. Learn more about myomectomy procedures.
  • da Vinci® Sacrocolpopexy
    • Pelvic prolapse is a common condition women experience especially after childbirth. Your pelvic organs, including your uterus, can slip out of its normal position and cause discomfort or pain. Lean more about Sacrocolpopexy procedures.