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Dr. Gregory Eads is a nationally-recognized robotic surgeon utilizing the highly effective da Vinci® Surgical System – a minimally invasive treatment alternative for a range of uterine conditions including endometriosisgynecologic canceruterine fibroids, and pelvic prolapse. With numerous potential benefits over traditional approaches, da Vinci® procedures are less painful, have fewer complications, and have shorter hospital stays.

Dr. Eads also provides general gynecological care in Woodlands, TX. The Women’s Centre for Well Being is conveniently located north of Houston off of I-45 North. Dr. Eads helps women experiencing urinary incontinence, infertility, symptoms of menopause, and more. Call The Women’s Centre for Well Being to schedule your appointment with Dr. Eads today!

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Dr. Gregory Eads - Houston Top Doc - Robotic GYN Surgeon

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What Is the Recovery Time for a da Vinci Myomectomy?

A robotic myomectomy is a procedure that can give you relief from the pain and excessive bleeding of uterine fibroids. Let’s find out more about this procedure including the recovery time for a da Vinci myomectomy.


Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy Recovery: What to Expect

What is minimally invasive hysterectomy recovery like? Expect less pain, less blood loss, and a faster recovery. Sound good? In addition,

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5 Stars

I absolutely love seeing Lisa, she is so kind and truly makes me feel heard. As a woman with PCOS I have spent many’s times in Gyno’s telling me to lose weight and I’ll be fine. Lisa has worked ...

5 Stars

He’s been one of the best gynecologists I’ve seen in my adult life. He’s knowledgeable and listens to your concerns.