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What Is Causing My Female Pelvic Pain?

“What is causing my pelvic pain?” is a refrain we hear quite frequently at our office in The Woodlands, TX. It can be an issue with the digestive, urinary, or reproductive system, and finding out the primary cause is the only way to reduce or eliminate the symptoms. … Continue reading

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Sensitive Topics Worth Mentioning To Your OBGYN

Most of us are wary of looking stupid or asking stupid questions, but at your OBGYN, there is no such thing as a “stupid” question or subject. Trust us, we have heard it all. So squelch that feeling, and ask us whatever you want. … Continue reading

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Gynecological Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Your gynecologist has seen and heard it all. Some women, though, become embarrassed about discussing certain topics and avoid telling their doctor about symptoms and specific changes with their bodies. Get over it! This is the one person you can always trust to give you answers and provide the right treatment if there is an issue. … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Periods Rule Your Life

Yes, they show up about every 30 days, they are uncomfortable or sometimes painful, can give you headaches and slow you down, and can transform you into the wicked witch of the east every month before they start. No wonder they’re known as the “curse.” Yes, … Continue reading

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11 Signs You Need To Call Your Gynecologist

Most young women begin to see a gynecologist in their teens and by the time they are in their 20s or 30s know the routine, know their bodies, and schedule annual visits. There are times, however, when abnormalities present themselves, and you wonder if you should see your doctor in between your normal visit. … Continue reading

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